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At Advantage Mentoring CIC we connect

The NHS and professional football club community organisations

to provide impactful healthcare solutions

Our Delivery Partners

At Advantage Mentoring we are specialists in partnering two community assets and anchor institutions – The NHS and                    the charitable arms of professional football clubs; known as Club Community Organisations (CCO). 

Through our comprehensive network of CCO and NHS stakeholders we broker the relationship to start long-term sustainable and productive collaborative partnerships or build on existing ones whilst gaining funding through our proven track-record.


Once a partnership is formed we provide two main services:

1) Mental health programmes which have a proven track record of increasing equal access with better experiences and outcomes

2) Tailored and responsive project & performance management support packages designed to ensure continuous support, quality assurance and improvement

By partnering on Advantage both  the CCOs and NHS can harness our good-practice resources and improvement sharing platforms, be part of the national network with shared outcomes, and are able to develop workforce by upskilling staff whilst helping to attract and retain talent. 

Our Mentoring Programme

Our programmes are proven to tackle and reduce Health Inequalities via social prescribing by providing weekly mental health and emotional wellbeing mentoring support. Our programmes provide key interventions and assistance for people to proactively manage their mental wellbeing, re-establish aspirations and a sense of connection. We have proven that Advantage successfully overcomes barriers people face to accessing traditional forms of mental health support, such as minority ethnicity, stigma, age, and gender.

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Our flagship prevention and early intervention programme has been designed by senior NHS strategists and CCO staff to increase access to NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and help tackle and reduce Health Inequalities by providing weekly mental health and emotional wellbeing mentoring support for young people aged 11-21.

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