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Our CCO Delivery Partners

What is the role of each CCO?

Young people can be referred through many pathways, for example; existing CCO programmes, CAMHS waiting lists, schools or colleges.

CCO mentors are trained by their designated lead NHS clinician, who also provides on-going support via weekly supervision sessions with the mentors. Mentors should be qualified in Mental Health First Aid, Effective Mentoring and Youth Work, and be representative of your community. They can be full time or sessional staff at your CCO. 

The programme is designed to support young people for an hour a week, from anywhere up to 6 months. The mentoring sessions are flexible and should be centred around the young person's needs and interests.


We recommend that sessions take place in person but occasionally a young person prefers online and this should be an option. Sessions should be tailored towards activities that the young person enjoys. If you have a particular mentoring methodology that works we are happy for you to use that as long as it incorporates Goals Based Outcomes.

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What makes the programme unique?

The programme is an innovative partnership between CCOs and NHS Trusts which leverages the community reach that you have.

The mentoring is delivered at the football club; an inspirational and relatable environment that a young person might feel more comfortable in.


CCO mentors adopt youth work principles to the sessions and are representative of the local community, which means they understand the local need, pressures, barriers and opportunities.

Your lead CAMHS clinician undertakes the assessments and provides weekly supervision to your mentors.

Once established, the programme is easily scalable and flexible.

Why should you take part? 
  • Deliver a meaningful mental health intervention with a proven product, high quality outcomes that's capable of scaling

  • Utilise the expertise from the NHS to up-skill your staff and develop their mental health literacy

  • Be part of a network of partners delivering the programme who share good-practice and can help support your needs

  • Develop a long-term partnership with your local ICS/NHS Trust supporting those facing challenges with their mental health in your community

  • Gain on-going project and performance management support from Advantage with a history and body of evidence via our Playbook guide 

  • Be part of the collective effort to take-action on the mental health crisis happening in communities across the country!

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What support do we provide? 

We provide various support packages that can include:


  • Brokering relationships – gaining funding (assisting with a proven business case and long-term funding strategy)

  • Access to a Regional Project Manager for continuous support

  • Good-practice sharing via our national network of partners

  • Step-by-step assistance in mobilisation and scaling with on-going implementation and development support underpinned by our Playbook guidance resource

  • Professional development and training for mentor staff, workforce development for CCO 

  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Performance Management

Through the years this support also evolves to include spotlight conferences, the ability we scale your offer to support more young people and branch in to other key NHS priorities under a trusted quality assured partnership.


At a time when demands for mental health support has grown significantly, it’s been impressive and rewarding to see the collaborative response between CCO’s and NHS Trusts through the Advantage mentoring programme.        

Freddie Hudson,
Head of Arsenal In The Community

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