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Our Impact

We're proud of the impact the Advantage Programme is having.

To read our independent evaluations, please click on the links below to download:

Participants on Advantage:


67% male

33% female


Average age is 16.4 years old


75% are people of colour


Average IMD

is 2.0

60% of referrals come from the NHS CAMHS waiting list


40% from club programmes or other community referral


Improve life functioning by 62%


67% have low mood or anxiety


Feel 52% less stressed and better able to handle stress


57% make significant progress towards their goals


30% improve their overall wellbeing 

We are working in partnership with The Anna Freud Centre to provide independent expert research on our programme approach and impact. The Anna Freud Centre aims to transform current mental health provision in the UK by improving the quality, accessibility and effectiveness of treatment, bringing together leaders in neuroscience, mental health, social care and education.


At the start of the programme Jada had issues with her weight, her self-esteem, feeling low, and relations with her peers. During her weekly Advantage sessions, Jada and her mentor spoke about her self-esteem issues and peer challenges and discussed tools that she could use to enable her to feel better about herself. Jada’s Advantage mentor also supported her mum to speak to her GP and refer Jada to a dietician. By the time Jada finished on Advantage, she was much more confident about how she could deal with the issues that she had before the programme.

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