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How does the programme safeguard participants?

Ensuring the safety of participants on each of our club's Advantage programme is of paramount importance to us. Before signing our agreement we check through the club's most recent Premier League Charitable Fund's 'Capability Code of Practice' safeguarding section and consult with our safeguarding specialist - SAB. 

Staff at the clubs then receive training from the programme’s lead CAMHS clinician, a chance to ensure mentor practice is up-to-date and at the standard needed. This is then checked and supported during the on-going weekly 60 minute supervision session between the CAMHS clinician and mentor(s). 

Anything needed to be raised is done via secure reporting processes to ensure each participant's safety and that the relevant support agencies are kept-up-to-date.

We also provide good-practice information, advice and guidance for staff and mentoring sessions via our 'Playbook'.


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