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Who We Are

Advantage is a unique partnership between two community assets and anchor institutions – the charitable arms of professional football clubs: known as Club Community Organisations (CCOs), and their local NHS.


As per The NHS Long Term Plan, Advantage widens access to services closer to home, reduces unnecessary delays, and delivers specialist healthcare which is based on a clearer understanding of young people’s needs and provided in ways that work better for them, as an effective, evidence-based service.


Our flagship mental health programme increases access to NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and helps tackle waiting times and reduce Health Inequalities by providing weekly 1-2-1 mentoring support for young people aged 11-21 with mild-moderate mental health and emotional wellbeing support needs.


The programme provides key interventions and assistance for young people to proactively manage their mental wellbeing, re-establish aspirations and a sense of connection.


The programme supports the Getting Advice and Getting Help part of the Thrive Framework and builds capacity without taking away from NHS staff time to achieve access targets.


Advantage is supporting key NHS priorities around CYP mental health: 

  • Anchor network development - partnering NHS with CCOs

  • Support tackling and reducing Health Inequalities via Core20+5 and existing CCO outreach in to underserved communities

  • Increasing Equal Access with Better Experiences and Outcomes for young people

  • Capacity building and workforce development

Meet The Team

Adrian Salisbury

Regional Project Manager (South)


Adrian brings a wealth of experience from his time at County FAs and The EFL Trust with his regional performance and project management working across multiple community-based football programmes; including in higher education, increasing physical activity and the development of children and young people.


Adrian is passionate about using the power of football for good in local communities as a tool in the development and support of children and young people. 


Konrad Deckers Dowber

Managing Director

Bringing over a decade of experience working at the intersection of the charity sector and football, Konrad is passionate about finding new ways to provide inspirational opportunities for people in their communities.


Emma-Jayne Green

Regional Project Manager (North)


Emma-Jayne has extensive experience within education, sports and community programmes, specialising in the benefits of physical development and education having previously worked at Manchester City in the Community.


Emma-Jayne has worked across all age groups in educational settings and community based physical activity programmes and is passionate about strengthening future generations personal, social, emotional and physical well-being. 

Advisory Board Members

Tash Barrington

Legal Counsel

LGT Capital Partners


Steven Dyson

Advantage Founder & Chairman of the Board


Ann Hepworth

Director of Strategy & Partnerships



James Huang




Freddie Hudson

Head of Community 

Arsenal In The Community


Nick Isaacs

Lead Consultant

Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

East London NHS Foundation Trust


Joe Lyons

Chief Executive Officer

West Ham United Foundation


Coza Mitchell

Midlands Workforce Transformation Lead

NHS England


Sir David Sloman

 Previously the Chief Operating Officer of 

NHS England


Neil Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

Leyton Orient Trust

Active Member Network Badge SP.png

The National Academy of Social Prescribing support and connect people, communities and organisations so that more people across the UK can enjoy better health and wellbeing. Advantage Mentoring CIC is an active member of the NASP Innovation Network which aims to:

- Create a well connected, collaborative social prescribing system

- Disseminate innovative practice to a national and global audience 

- Support quality delivery by advancing skills, knowledge and training

- Scale and spread innovative approaches through co-design and testing, to address high priority health needs


We are grateful to Linklaters LLP for providing us with on-going legal advice

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